Kokedama - Jade Bonsai

Kokedama - Jade Bonsai

Kokedama - Bonsai Jade Honey

Kokedama - Bonsai Jade Honey

Kokedama - Pine Bonsai

Kokedama - Pine Bonsai

Kokedama - Jade Bonsai

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Jade bonsai made in the Japanese technique Kokedama, this technique covers the root and soil of the bonsai in moss and coconut substrate, there is no need to transplant it to a pot or pot, the technique allows easy care, you can hang it or put it on a base, its hydration is to immerse the base of this to the stem in a container with water until it stops bubbling, about 5 min and should be done maximum twice a week or depending on the heat in which the plant is.

Bonsai with home delivery.


  • Jade bonsai.

  • Luxury box decorated.

  • Personalized card.

Beautiful plants that brighten the day to that person you love so much, a spectacular gift with plants. 


Remember that this product is a living being and its life will depend only on the care given to it.

Claims will only be accepted within 3 days of purchase.  

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